Evolution Vs Creationism Essay

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REBUTTAL I condone that evolution did happen but most people are unaware that there are two types of evolution, micro-evolution and macro-evolution. Micro is the shuffling of some genes to make an organism suitable for the climate and environment it’s in. Macro is completely, and I emphasize COMPLETELY changing and forming a new species. However, no where on earth was there any evidence that an animal changed to a totally different animal. Example: sparrow birds in the north have larger-bodies than the ones in the south because larger birds can often survive lower temperatures. This means that the sparrow birds micro-evolved larger bodies to survive the cold; this does NOT trigger a different type of offspring. If Micro-evolution is true then the birds would evolve into different animal, essentially, it became a different type. Human evolution is supported because there is “evidence”, but I implore you to understand that it is false evidence. Scientists are taking the “evidence” from the micro evolution and claiming it to be macro. There are no examples in nature that indicate a change of species through evolution. In the religion of Islam, It is stated in the Qur’an that we’re going to suffer from the “bad” things that we’ve caused on earth. I fundamentally believe this because the consequences we see for the sins are global warming, child poverty, natural disasters, war, etc. Studies show that over the years, they are gradually increasing. We are also trying to fix it and a huge example is recycling, would we have to fix it if we didn’t cause it? I oppose to the fact that human evolution has occurred; because human and dinosaur tracks were found together in Texas. But this is impossible according to evolution since humans came 70 million years AFTER dinosaurs were extinct. If it’s true, why are there still monkeys? Why aren’t there new species “evolving”?

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