Evolution Of The American Dream Essay

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Courtney Mrs. English II Honors January 7th, 2010 Evolution of the American Dream The American dream has been an ideal of peace and happiness not just for the people in South Carolina but also for people all over America. The American dream has influenced The Declaration of Independence, the Jazz Age, the hippie movement, and most importantly the lives we live in today. Although the American dream has been around for all these years, the idea of it has changed immensely over time. One of the main ideas of the Declaration of Independence was to tell people about all the things that the British King was doing wrongfully, and hiding from the public. The people who signed the Declaration of Independence were tired of being taken advantage of. Once all of his lies were pointed out, people knew that they should have more rights than they had been getting in the past. They were informed of all the rights that as a human being, you should possess. “The signers of the Declaration of Independence did not think that a government, such as that of Great Britain, had the right to tell people what to do, or to dictate to people how they should live so they developed it in order to protect the people’s freedom.” ("Purpose of the Declaration of Independence "). They got the dream to unite and to make a place where freedom was possible. So back when the declaration of Independence was written, the American Dream was to have freedom and rights. During the Jazz Age everything was basically just a huge party. Everyone drank, everyone had the music all the way up and didn’t stop partying until early in the morning. “People who lived in the Jazz age defined themselves by the clothes they wore, the movies they had seen, the dances they could dance, and the company they kept. And while they needed money to partake in these activities, what specifically they did to earn

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