Evolution of Mobile Communication Essay

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Evolution of mobile communication Outline Introduction Beginning of the Mobile or wireless communications Second generation Third generation Fourth generation Future Conclusion One of my friends recently told me “Do you know that ipad 3 is going to be released soon”. I asked him ‘what is the speciality about this?’ He told me “It is more powerful, it has a better display and moreover the important thing it supports 4G !. Today, Mobile phone has become an essential tool for everyone not only because of its communication features but also the vast number other applications. It has everything, internet, e-mail, facebook, organizers, alarms, games, cameras even mobile tv as well. So, I am going talk about the evolution of mobile communication technology over the past 30 ~ 35 years. We can say It has happened in 4 generations. First generation of mobile networks deployed in late 70s and early 1980s in countries like Scandinavia, uk, America and japan. All these countries uses different standards to deploy there network and the technology based on the frequency. For example each user is given a certain frequency to talk with other user. These systems provided only voice services. The mobile phones needed more power to send signals to tower or the base station so the phones were bulky and heavy. These systems had low voice quality the technology itself restricted number of people to use the system at the sametime. When it comes to second generation in early 90s, the technology changed from analogue to digital. the GSM standard was introduced. - digital, so the equipment sizes became smaller and voice quality increased. - not only voice calls many features like SMS, call forwarding, emergency number introduced. - late 90 the need of data communication arisen. Because internet become more active and concept of mobile internet

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