Evolution of Mixed Martial Arts

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Over the thousands of years since its beginning, mixed martial arts, in all forms, has evolved tremendously. The various techniques and styles that originated from all over the world is what make this sport so unique. No other sport incorporates so much history and background of so many different cultures to create, what is believed to be, the first all-encompassing fighting system in human history. The level of intensity and excitement found in MMA is like none other in the world. Thus being the reason it has become so immensely popular over the past two decades. It is my intent to prove that since 1993, Mixed Martial Arts has become one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The first form of Mixed Martial Arts has been dated back to 648 B.C. in the Ancient Greece Olympics. This no-holds-barred combat sport was called Pankration. The term is derived from the Greek words “pan” meaning all and “kratos” meaning strength or power (Grapple Arts). Pankration was a combination of wrestling and boxing, and also incorporated strikes with the lower extremities. It is the world’s first full contact, un-armed, one-on-one sport (Atlanta). Its rules are very simple; there were no eye gouging, biting, and victory was secured by knockout, submission, or death. The winner was awarded the coveted crown of olive branches on the final day of the games. Surprisingly, referees were present and enforced the rules using a large stick (Fight League). Pankration can even be found in Greek mythology when it was used by the heroes Heracles and Theseus to defeat their opponents. Many striking techniques, throws, and holds can be seen on the pottery, statues, and drawings of that time. The ancient Olympic Games were intertwined with ceremonies and connected to the worship of the many gods of that time (Atlanta). Because of the rise of Christianity coinciding with the Roman Empire

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