Evolution of Military Women

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Evolution of Military Women Susan Jewett Austin Peay University Diversity in the Workplace Dr. Thomas Cox December 4, 2013 Abstract This research is to express the growth of gender diversity within the United States military. Women have long been a strong force within the Unites States military; however they were limited to be only caregivers and nurses until the last few decades. Women have fought for equality and ranking for hundreds of years to only be held back in every aspect. Most areas of the workforce have adapted to allow women more growth and leadership with the exception of the United States military. We will look at the lack of women to grow into the top positions, the history of women in the military, and whether they really want to be equal to men within the military. The Beginning Documentation of women in the United States military goes as far back as the American Revolution. While during this time, 1775-1783, women were used as nurses, care givers, cooks, servers, laundry workers, and to disrupt the enemy. (Highlights, n.d.) At this point in the women’s history they had still not obtained equality. The Equal Rights Movement for women did not begin until 1848 while the Revolutionary war was some sixty years earlier. (Women, 1998) Women in this time were considered as an informal part of the military because they were unpaid and could not enlisted. (National, 2013) It was not until 1901, with establishment of the Army Nurse Corps, that women became a formal part of the United States Military. (National, 2013) Women sought to be a part of the United States Military in any form as long as the military has been in existence. They want the same proud honor that men have had since the Revolutionary War, to serve proudly in the military. They went so far as to disguise themselves as boys and men for many years to obtain this honor.

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