Evolution of Management Thought Essay

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Evolution of Management Thought Topic 1 Chris Lim 970359 External Student Man 5010 Jenny Devine Due: 7th September 2012 Table of Contents: Background 3 Objectives 3 Brief Descriptions of research traced 3 Key Findings 4 References 6 Topic 1 Background: This literature review is undertaken as part of the MAN 5010 management unit, to find evidence to support the theory of good management has changed over time. It looks at some of the different practices from the Classical perspective to the more contemporary perspectives. It explores their relevance to managing organisations today and also looking at some examples. Objectives: To support the line of argument that “ideas of good management has changed over the years”, the following objectives have been set: • An examination of some of the different theories over time. • Establish how the theories are differ . • How they relate to organisations today. Brief description of research traced: The key references for this review were sourced from the following journals: (i) The Legitimacy and Efficacy of Current Organizational Theory: An Analysis (ii) Frederick W. Taylor’s Presence in 21st Century Management Accounting Systems and Work Process Theories (iii) Messages from the management past: Classic writers and contemporary problems: Quarterly Journal (iv) Family Business Systems Models – A Case Study and Some Implications of Open Systems Perspective (v) Organisational Improvement Through Standardization of the Innovation Process of Construction Firms: EMJ EMJ (vi) Towards a new theory in school management: The Theory of Positive Containment In addition to the journals described above, other major references that have been published recently were also reviewed: (i) Management Fourth Asia Pacific Edition (Samson and Daft, 2012) (ii)

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