Evolution of Management Thought Essay

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INTRODUCTION Management is a very important function in all societies, it is found in homes, churches government and economic undertakings (businesses) of all people. At one point in time or another we seem to be managing something, time, resources; (corporate or personal) and also other people’s efforts. Management has been defined as getting things done through and with other people to achieve desired goals by effectively and efficiently using available resources. Management as we see today did not develop automatically but as a result of several decades of reasoning, theorizing and aggregation of sound practices. Management has existed for a long time though it has not been conceptualised. The practice of management dates back to the early days when man first learnt to live in groups, long before the advent of technology, transport, communication, government, man existed and managed their affairs in organizational forms like family, churches etc. Evolution is a process of gradual change. Management has evolved over time as a body of knowledge through the process of trial and error and deliberate efforts of early industrialist, efficiency experts (engineers), managers, management pioneers and educators. These contributors existed in different times and from different backgrounds, hence we must understand that their contributions were based on their knowledge and experiences and on the different times in which they existed and the issues that were perceived to hinder the achievement of goals, productivity and efficiency. The purpose of this paper is to trace the evolution of management thought so we can better understand and appreciate our modern tools and techniques of management. We can identify broad schools of management thought. The classical management theory comprises of the prescientific, scientific administrative

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