Evolution of Communication Essay

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ESL034 WRITING COMCEPTS III PROF MICHAEL BEHIL 12-9-14 MARLEN VILLALOBOS EVOLUTION OF COMMUNICATION Human communication through time has evolved significantly. The constant search of man to satisfy its need for better communication has been the impetus that has managed the introduction of instruments in the world every day more powerful and faster in the communication process. As a result humans have successfully invented all types of social networking for each person's taste such as, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Skype, and many more. However, with all the advantages that these networks offer to us it also brings disadvantages. In her writing Let Face It, Sara Blake illustrates them, "It’s led to the start up of new relationships and the breakup of established ones." (150) But, undoubtedly social media with a responsible usage has improved human’s communication, as it gives us the facility to keep in touch with family and friends, learn about other cultures, and empower businesses. To begin, social networking has become very important in our daily lives. Each day brings us closer to those who are far, to be reunited with old friends and make new ones. Definitely a technological breakthrough! And that it is what Sara explains, "Extended families and friends use it to maintain contact with another across distances."(150) Sara means that with the invention of social media communicating with others has become easier and accessible. Today most people have access to a cellphone or a computer in order to communicate with people whether if they are a few or thousands miles away. On the other hand, social Medias such as Facebook can be addictive and absorb a great quantity of our time. Blake explains, "But, for all its thrills-or more accurately because of its thrills-Facebook can also be the ultimate "time suck"… (152) In other words, she is trying to say that
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