Evolution of Boeing

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Evolution of Boeing Monique Ayuyu History of Aviation in America Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – World Wide Evolution of Boeing The Boeing Company has a reputation for being known as the world’s leading aircraft manufacturer, producing efficient, reliable, and durable aircraft materials that are specifically crafted for the ever growing standard market essentials in today’s society. Boeing has been diligent in the evolution of its aircraft. It launches its company with just a small seaplane branched out by building military bombers, Stratocruiser, jet liners, and jumbo jets, which are the safest planes ever built in the world. In 1916 William E. Boeing partnered up with Conrad Westervelt, who was a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology with an engineering degree and then became a Navy engineer. During their partnership they founded the Pacific Aero Products Company in Seattle and completed the definitive assembly of the B & W seaplane in his boathouse in Lake Union. They had hoped to sell the seaplane to the Navy, but they were precluded. But, William was extremely adamant in being the sole owner of the Pacific Aero Products Company, so he incorporated the company for $100,000 and bought out 998 of the 1,000 stocks and moved the operation back to his shipyard. Then in May of 1917, William converted the company name to the Boeing Airplane Company. Tsu Wong graduated with a degree in aeronautical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, so bearing in mind that Westervelt and Tsu Wong were both Massachusetts Institute of Technology alumni’s, Westervelt referred Wong to Boeing. During Wong’s interview Boeing assured his security in Seattle for one year in return to aid harvest a successful company, so he was then commissioned as the company’s chief aeronautical engineer. According to Balmaceda (n.d.) Tsu Wong

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