Evolution of American Policing Essay

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The evolution of American Policing is perhaps one of the most interesting topics to study pertaining to our American government. The police system that we currently use today has evolved tremendously since it first was established in 1626 while the United States was still under British control. However, some forms of American policing began a few years before 1626. When the colonists first became settled down in America, they realized they needed to keep order through out their towns. That is when the colonists formed the very first Justice Of Peace. It was fairly similar to the Bristish government that was in place during the time period because most of the new American inhabitants came from Great Britain or had British roots. The Justice of Peace was more responsible for dealing with criminals and deciding how they would be punished. However, not everyone was able to be a part of the Justice of Peace. All men who were able to perform work, were over the age of 18 and weren't part of the Justice of Peace were part of little town organizations that would patrol mostly at night and keep look out for the town's safety. The Rattle Watch Group, which was formed in 1610 and would stay in effect until 1664, patrolled from sunset to dawn. They were often seen carrying weapons and wooden rattles to signal the farmers and local colonists if they were in danger or in a threatning situations. You would often be able to spot them because they carried green laterns to show they were watchmen. This tradition still lives on. Some modern-day police agencies still hang green laterns on their entrances to show that they are on “watch." However, as time evolved and the colonies began to grow in population area, they realized that these small organizations just were not efficient enough. This is when the people came up with the first form of organized police. The start of organized

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