Evolution Of American Football Essay

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The Patriot is about an average American farmer and his struggles to balance his family life with the encroaching war with England. In the beginning of the movie, Benjamin Martin and his eldest two sons, Gabriel and Thomas, attend a statewide meeting regarding the war against England. Benjamin strongly opposes war, due to his participation in the French-Indian War. Although Benjamin is hailed as a war hero, his past constantly haunts him. Much to his dismay, South Carolina overwhelmingly votes to join the “War for Independence”. Against his fathers command, Gabriel enlists with the military, and is soon on his way to battle. Shortly after, the Martins’ house is burned, Gabriel is taken captive, and Thomas is killed by a British Colonel. Benjamin immediately takes matters into his own hands. He leaves his children, and organizes a militia in order to bring independence to the colonies. The ensuing two hours are jammed pack with fighting, drama, and emotion as Benjamin Martin struggles to bring peace to his humble South Carolina farm. Eventually, as history shows, the colonies won their independence from England, and the Martins rebuilt their life in their free nation. The Patriot takes place in South Carolina in 1776. The major theme of the movie is war, and the hardships and emotional tolls it brings. The main characters are: Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson), Gabriel Martin (Heath Ledger), and Colonel William Tavington (Jason Isaacs). While the entire movie was very excellent, one scene in particular sticks out as my favorite. Towards the end of the movie, Benjamin Martin organizes an offensive with the Colonial army, against the looming British forces. Strategically planned, Martin’s militia charges the British front line. After a few minutes of fighting, they withdraw over a hill, enticing the Redcoats to follow. Once over the

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