Evolution of Agile Scrum for Software Industry Essay

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ELECTRONICS AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ISSN 2229-5518 Vol-01 EDUCATION IN ELECTRONICS AND ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING T 000 Information Technology A Case Study Evolution of Agile Scrum for Software Industry Abdullah Raza Lakhan University of Mehran, Faculty of Computer and Information Technology, Introduction Introducing agile methods into their development process represents an important challenge for many software companies. In the last few years several successful implementations of agile methods have been reported in the literature, e.g., [1-4]. According to Agile Adoption Rate Survey [5] performed by Dr. Dobbs Journal in 2011 agile teams report significant improvements in productivity, quality, and stakeholder satisfaction, and reasonable improvements in cost. A similar survey conducted by Version One [6] additionally reports enhanced ability to manage changing priorities and significantly improved project visibility. For this reason, agile methods are especially suitable for development of information systems with changing and emergent user requirements, e.g., [7]. On the other hand, the same survey has revealed that the lack of experience with agile methods and the conflict between the company’s culture and core agile values are the leading causes of failed agile projects. In spite of the fact that Scrum [8, 9] is the most widespread method in industry (according to [6] Scrum is used by 58% of respondents, Scrum/Extreme Programming hybrid by 17%, custom hybrid by 5%, Extreme Program- ming by 4%, etc.), a systematic review of empirical studies on agile software development [10] found only one study investigating Scrum. Consequently, one of the

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