The Evolution of Drugs & Society

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COMMUNITY RESPONSE: THE EVOLUTION OF DRUGS & SOCIETY Community Response : The Evolution of Drugs & Society Jacob R Tompkins Community Response: Tackling Addiction It’s the holiday season and it seems everyone is happily going about their business, preparing for the holidays. There is so much that needs to be taken care of during the holidays. Frequent trips to shopping centers for gifts and to the grocery for food of the holiday variety keep us busy. Most people spend a lot of time preparing for the holidays buying gifts for those they love and making arraignments with family and friends to get together to celebrate. Frequently we do these things blind to what’s going on around us or what is happening in our communities because of the constant preparation for the holiday. Many people are unable to celebrate the holidays because they are burdened by a debilitating disease, addiction. During the holidays if we slow down just a bit and take time to notice what’s going on outside of our own selves we may notice that there are those less fortunate all around us. In December when it’s very cold outside you may encounter some of these people panhandling on U.S. 40 at the Wal-Mart intersection in Richmond, Indiana. They may be standing at the intersection with signs asking for money or sometimes they may even have a sign asking for money to buy a beer. Maybe addiction has led them to this or keeps them debilitated unable to

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