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The Never-Ending Debate about Religion and Evolution The study of evolution has brought many discussions dealing with language, race, ethics, and religion. While scientists test the theory of evolution, it causes disputes in many religions. Margaret Atwood in The Year of the Flood repeatedly states that religion and evolution are one. This brings an argument if it is even possible to believe in both evolution and an Abrahamic religion such as Islam. The theory of evolution has no support in Islam. The theory of evolution regards humans as driving from a common ancestor. While the Quran claims that almighty Allah created animals and humans from nothing: "Behold! thy Lord said To the angels: I am about To create man, from sounding clay From mud moulded into shape; When I have fashioned him (In due proportion) and breathed Into him of My spirit, Fall ye down in obeisance Unto him” (The Noble Quran, 15:28-29). The Quran refers to all humans as children of Prophet Adam and for that reason we pray the way we do, “Standing together, shoulder to shoulder and bowing in unison and prostrating with heads on the ground we all become alike as one big family, all simply children of Adam.” (Yusuf, Estes) Religious thinkers usually distance themselves from the idea of evolution as seen in Barton’s Reading Genesis after Darwin. Charles Kingsley, a clergyman of Darwin, converted from Christianity to Darwinism. “There had been wisdom in a deity who could make all things, but there was now a greater wisdom to be seen- in a Deity who could make things make themselves” (Barton, Reading Genesis after Darwin). But Alfred Russel Wallace believed that religion and evolution can go hand in hand. Wallace perceived the mechanics of natural selection differently then Darwin because he was extremely devoted to his idea that the course of evolution was controlled by a higher, “spiritual”

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