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History, Background, Introductory Evidence In 1859, Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species which contained his Theory of Evolution. Since his voyage around the world on the H.M.S. Beagle, Darwin had spent more than twenty years developing his theory based on the observations taken on his expedition. The Theory of Evolution was highly controversial and gained much attention. Many scientists over the next 100 years assessed Darwin's theory and found several sources of evidence which confirmed including the evidence from the fossil record which greatly increased in size and detail over these 100 years and showed scientists the transitions that species had made over time. Many transitional fossils have been found that show obvious changes that species, including humans, have made. Evolution has also left us with evidence of our change over time in the form of vestigial structures. Animals' bodies contain structures and organs that no longer function as they once did. One major function that humans have lost is the ability to synthesize their own vitamin-c. Vitamin-c must now be included in our diets to prevent a deficiency of it. Another very important piece of evidence found is the human chromosome 2 which is a result of the fusion of two ancestral chromosomes. This evidence supports our common ancestry with primates while also explaining the vast differences between us. Due to this evidence, scientists today accept the Theory of Evolution as truth. The Debate Surrounding Evolution Although the Theory of Evolution has been proven and accepted by nearly all authorities in science, there are still people that do not believe it based on misconceptions that they have about the theory. A popular thought that people tend to have is that religion and evolution are mutually exclusive and cannot be believed simultaneously. An anonymous believer of this idea said,"

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