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Natural Selection and Evolution Purpose The evolution lab provides a basis for one to study the importance of principles of evolution. These principles are based on examining small populations of finches onto different islands; these islands are known as Darwin Island and Wallace Island. Based on reports and hypothesis of Charles Darwin this lab allows the manipulation of important parameters that influence natural selection. Through this lab the presence and influence proper characteristics including the evolution of the excise and population numbers for the different populations of finches will be examined. Arguably the most advantageous characteristic this lab provides the ability to create parameters and model evolutionary changes over long periods of time. The hypothesis for this lab will state how a gradual pattern controlled by biological traits will appear as needed or disappear if not needed within a population. Therefore, based on a, population within a common environment a trait or characteristic will be adapted by future generations as needed. Materials Labs and the experimental process require some sort of material to gather data and to use as tools for the completion of the experiment. This lab is no exception, for completion of this experiment several materials or required. For example the evolutionary timeline which may be accessed through scholarly websites, and a navigation tool such as a computer or laptop. For this lab both materials will be crucial in completing and gathering data. Methods and Procedures The next step would require a list of steps aimed toward completing the experiment. In the case of our lab the steps would require the gathering of certain data and inputs for example, the person conducting the experiment should measure average beak size as well as variance within the beak sizes. Here she

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