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Evolution is the name of a theory that explains the change in living organisms and variation within species or organisms. Evolution is a process in which the characteristics of living organisms change over many generations while the traits are passed on from one generation to the next. Charles Darwin, who was considered the father of evolution, had discovered the origin of the species and the process of ongoing history of life on earth. Long before the rise of modern science in Western Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, a powerful view had came upon, that God had created every organism on earth. But the study of natural history and fossils had became popular, and in the connection with it, the beginnings of an evolutionary theory had began to take shape. Early evolutionary theorists had proposed that all of the life on earth evolved gradually from simple organisms, but their knowledge of science was incomplete; therefore, their theories left many questions unanswered. Most well-known scientists remain convinced that the variety of life on earth could only result from an act of divine creation. Evolution is a process through which the traits are passed on and along with that chromosomes are passed, but with a genetic drift the amount of chromosomes affects the rate of evolution. In the mid 19th century, Charles Darwin, a British scientist, had founded the modern evolutionary theory with his concept that all forms of life evolve and change through the process of natural selection. His work was a major influence on the life and earth sciences and on modern thought in general. Darwin’s theory of evolution is divided into 5 different parts: natural selection, mutation, genetic drift, gene flow, and speciation. Natural selection is a process in which the environmental effects lead to the changing degrees of reproductive success among individuals of a population

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