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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. View the animation on deforestation on the Island of Madagascar. If you were assigned the task of preserving 100,000 acres of the remaining forest, you would be faced with the SLOSS dilemma. What is the SLOSS dilemma? Your Answer: Sell Land or Sell Services--to fund the preserve, do you sell off some of the land or charge nearby residents for the ecosystem services? Correct Answer: Single Large or Several Small--do you protect several small sites or one large one? Incorrect. SLOSS stands for Single Large or Several Small and refers to the debate over the best size for preserves. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. How has the "Smokey the Bear" campaign damaged forest health? Your Answer: It has focused attention on forests rather than grasslands. Correct Answer: It has allowed too few fires to burn in forests. Incorrect. Smokey the Bear focused on prevention of fire and it is in that way that the campaign has influenced management. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Why do urbanized societies need stretches of uninhabited and undeveloped land? Your Answer: Uninhabited and undeveloped lands are used as reserves for future development. Correct Answer: Uninhabited and undeveloped lands provide natural resources that in turn provide the ecosystem services and the psychological relief needed to support urban populations. Incorrect. Uninhabited and undeveloped lands are set aside to protect resources, so developing them later would make little sense. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. The swamp acts of the mid-1800s were targeted at _______.
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