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IGCSE Geography Classwork Notes Please print these out before class so you can make notes on them Unit: Rev 4 Title: Urban environment Week: 25 These notes cover only the section we missed out. There are summary slides for the remainder of this unit in the PP, but as there will be too little time in the lesson. Summary of key ideas you need to work through: Key idea 1: A growing percentage of the world’s population lives in urban areas. The nature of urbanisation (including suburbanisation and counterurbanisation); The problems associated with rapid urbanisation including congestion, transport, employment, crime and environmental quality. Mapping of the changing global distribution of megacities. Environmental quality survey (fieldwork opportunity). Key idea 2: The urban environment is characterised by the segregation of different land uses and of people of different economic status and ethnic background. Factors encouraging similar land uses to concentrate in particular parts of the urban area (eg locational needs, accessibility, land values). Reasons for and consequences of the segregation of different socioeconomic and ethnic groups. Shanty towns (squatter communities): location, growth, problems and mitigating strategies (including self-help). Land use transects plotting (fieldwork opportunity A case study of one city to show the land use patterns and the distribution of social/ethnic groups – Manchester A case study of shanty town management in a LIC city. Kibera Key idea 3: Changes occur as urban environments age and the needs of people change. The nature of, and reasons for, the changes taking place at the edge of HIC cities (eg retail complexes, business parks and industrial estates). The ‘greenfield’ versus ‘brownfield’ debate. Do have one such development to refer to – local if possible, otherwise the

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