Evil Mr. Ripley

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Karina Movsesova English 372 (1:40pm) The Evil Mr Ripley Some people can do anything to get where they want. Tom Ripley is one of those people. He also happens to be a psychopath, and in the chase for the better life he ends up completely losing himself. Trying hard to make a living he is willing to go to the very end, and killing a person is not something that can stop him achieving his goal of entering higher society. Throughout the film we can see how his character develops and we see the transformation of Tom Ripley to Dickie Greenleaf and back. Tom Ripley is a man with a plan and his actions are carefully planned and performed. Starting with the opening titles, and the way they are created viewers can see that the personality of the main character is going to be deep and layered. The way the picture appears-line after line showing more of Ripley’s face every time. The full image would also be appearing from the dark, that can mean that Ripley himself is coming out of dark. It also symbolizes his sole and how it whole in the beginning of the story. His soul was not demolished by the future actions and decisions that he was yet to make. In the very first scene, when he introduces himself to Greenleaf family he plays along with the assumption that he went to Princeton. Tom’s desire to fit in the upper society and be accepted overpowers the truth behind him. The first truly important moment is when Tom confesses that his talents include impersonating people, telling lies and faking signatures. He tells Dickie, in his fathers voice, that his father sent him and also paid him to persuade him to come back to the States. The camera switches from close up of Tom to Dickie and back and zooms in when Tom tells those things. Even though Tom does create an impression of a shy quiet young man he knows exactly what he is doing. He tells the real reason why
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