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Evil and its Effect on Children Audience: Anyone who read the four short stories Purpose: To inform readers that while evil is present in the thoughts of children it is ultimately the actions of others towards these children that allows it to be fermented. Thesis: Evil thoughts, behavior and mannerism are cultivated and nurtured in children by the actions of others, whether by neglectful and spiteful parents/guardians or their environment. Word Count: 760 Evil and Its Effect on Children Are children inherently evil? If not, how can one explain their participation in such horrific and sadistic acts like murder? Of course, the easy unreflective thing for us to do is to accept that they are. However, evil thoughts are a fault that resides in everyone, and if left unchecked in children can lead to drastic consequences. These short stories compare and contrast children from different backgrounds who all basically had the same thoughts. Evil thoughts, behavior and mannerism are cultivated and nurtured in children by the action of others, whether by neglectful or spiteful parents or their environment. In Robert Bloch “Sweets to the Sweet”, Irma’s evil and vindictive ways, was a result of the abhorrent treatment she received at the hands of her father. [What is a transition you can use to help connect this paragraph to the previous paragraph? Please refer to our above discussion for strategies.] She was neglected, physically abused and tormented. At times, when he says to the governess, “Give that little witch a beating,” (21), he is advocating for a stranger to abuse his child. Despite the governess effort to protect and influence her into becoming a normal child, Irma, instead choose to find solace in witchcraft; a result of the constant berating from her father. “He wants me to be a witch, then I will be a witch,” she declares to the governess and

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