Importance Of Protection In Safeguarding

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Evidence of abuse is important to be preserved, ways of this may be; to make an accurate written record of any conversations that are relevant between you and the service user, this needs to be signed with the date and time written clearly; try not to clear or tidy anything up; ensure written records such as bills, letters, medication records and bank statements are all kept in a safe place; record any physical signs of abuse on body such as bruising or cuts; if any sexual offence is suspected then try to discourage the victim from drinking, washing, cleaning their teeth or going to the toilet until the police come. It is essential to remember to sign, date and time any written notes. The Health and Social Care Act 2008 place statutory duties on agencies to safeguard and to ensure the welfare of all service users that they are responsible for. Social Services and the Adult Safeguarding Board are local systems that can intervene if a safeguarding issue arises. Social Services-if see fit- can remove the victim from the situation and/or provide other services to make welfare checks.…show more content…
The police are to investigate suspected abuse, the council protect people using the service-they can rehouse victims if need be. Social workers also investigate signs of abuse, calling in the necessary authorities. CRB checks are made so that any criminal record can be checked by someone who wants to come into a profession where safeguarding is paramount. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) are responsible for carrying out investigations on care companies and to make sure that hospitals, care homes and care companies are meeting the national standard, they make sure every employee has up to date training, and has had a CRB carried
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