Evidence Based Practice Matrix For Nursing Care

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Evidence-Based Practice Matrix of Ten Pieces of Primary Research on One Topic Related to Nursing Authors Resource/ Database Year of Publication Research Type Population/ Sample Size Outcome Variables Measured Pertinent Data from Results Author’s Suggested Conclusions Comments Blomberg, F., Brulin, C., Andertun, R., & Rydh, A. Journal of Radiology Nursing, 29(1), 10-17. doi:10.1016/j.jradnu.2009.09.001 2010 Quantitative Cross-sectional study 698 Umea University Sweden Quality of care to includes four dimensions • The medical technical competence of the caregivers • The physical technical conditions of the care organization • The identity orientation in the attitudes and actions of the caregivers • The sociocultural atmosphere of…show more content…
Difficulties in Post-operative care due to drowsiness, rushed interactions and absorbing status post information The preoperative area presented the most concerns by the patients by lack of emotional and informational support by the healthcare staff. To ensure quality of care information should be given to patients concerning long wait times. Relatives and or caregivers should be present in the post-operative phase to ensure information concerning diagnosis or information can be relayed later in time. Radiology relationship to this article stresses the need for education and divulgence of information to the patient in a timely…show more content…
Education can be provided at the patient convenience by internet avenues. Heikkinen, K., Salanterä, S., & Leino-kilpi, H. Connecting Health and Humans CINAHL 2009 Quantitative Randomized controlled trail 147 University hospital in Finland • To evaluate two types of education • Internet-based patient education (experimental) verses face-to-face education conducted by a nurse (controlled) • Patient’s found that face to face education to be better in all elements • Both groups needed extra education • Evaluations were positive on both types of education, with higher scores for face to face The up and coming younger population that has solely used the internet as a source of information, this type of internet based education may be more beneficial to

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