Evidence Based Practice Essay

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Critique to Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing Name of Student Institution of Affiliation Critique to Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing Evidence-based Practice (EBP) is a study aimed at finding the effectiveness of the design-models put in place through the incorporation of information obtained from patients and clinicians (Levin, Fineout-Overholt, Melnyk, Barness & Vetter, 2011, p.22). EBP is important because it offers an insight into the effectiveness of the models put in place in the healthcare system, their effectiveness while at the same time reducing the costs. EBP can be thought of as a practice aimed at empowering the medical practitioners while at the same time ensuring that patients get the best health care at a reduced cost (Levin at al., 2011, p.21). EBP is a systematic research review whose impact will continue to benefit both the patients and nurses in the medical healthcare setting. According to Levin et al. (2011, p.22), the best nursing practices based on EBP has improved patient outcome by 28% while at the same time reducing the cost. The research was based…show more content…
(2011, p.22) had to evaluate the effects of implementing the Advancing Research and Clinical Practice through cross collaboration (ARCC) model. It was aimed at addressing the effects on nurses and the outcomes and its impact a community setting. To facilitate the study, a 2-group of controlled and randomized sample was used for the design. Nurse participants were recruited from Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan. The findings indicated the effectiveness of ARCC model incorporating the EBP in home healthcare settings and mentoring nurse beliefs about EBP and its implementation (Levin at al., 2011, p.21). The research findings indicated that education alone does not change EBP implementation as compared to EBP mentorship as an effective practice in enhancing nurses’ EBP beliefs and implementation (Levin at al., 2011,
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