Evidence Based Practice (Ebp) Appraisal

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ASSIGNMENT TITLE: AN APPRAISAL OF A PIECE OF RESEARCH-BASED EVIDENCE Evidence based practice (EBP) is the term used to describe how healthcare professionals base their clinical approaches on reliable evidence, to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients. EBP encompasses significant and trustworthy research based evidence, patients own preferences to their care and the expertise of healthcare professionals involved, to determine the optimum care for the patient (Rees, 2012, p.9). It is extremely important to professional practice, as the Nursing and Midwifery Council (2010, p.6) states that nurses and midwives must: ‘deliver care based on the best available evidence…’. To find relevant evidence, a succinct question must be created using a standard framework to provide appropriate keywords for an efficient search (Davies, 2011, p.75). The topic under review is hand hygiene and face mask effectiveness in the spread of influenza-like illness. A question was formed regarding this topic with the PICO framework, which included the patient or problem, the intervention, the comparison and the outcome being assessed. This created the key words ‘mask’, ‘hand hygiene’ and ‘influenza’, which were used as search terms in the online databases ‘Primo’, ‘CINAHL’ and ‘PubMed’. Results were then limited to articles published after the year 2000 and written in English to ensure only the most trustworthy and appropriate evidence is assessed. This search resulted in the article under review: ‘Mask Use, Hand Hygiene, and Seasonal Influenza-Like Illness among Young Adults: A Randomized Intervention Trial’ (Aiello et al., 2010). Aiello and colleagues (2010) sought to discover whether the use of face masks and hand hygiene reduces the incidence of influenza-like illness (ILI). They conducted a randomised control trial (RCT) involving three groups of young adults, each

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