Evidence Based Practice Curriculum

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This compulsory module forms the second part of the Evidence Based Practice module. It allows the student to continue exploring literature applicable to an area of practice relevant to them, which has been identified in the previous literature search completed in Part 1.

This module will provide the student with the opportunity to critically evaluate the literature identified, explore ways to disseminate the evidence identified and consider how this evidence could be implemented in their practice.

The assignment is two fold, a formative discussion and a 5,000 word assignment.

Suggested Reading Burns R. Grove S (2005) The Practice of Nursing Research, Conduct, Critique and Utilisation (5th ed.) Elsevier St Louis
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Discussion will take place with a small group of peers and a facilitator. The student may use verbal presentation methods, audio-visual aids including PowerPoint and / or poster presentations.

Presentations must include:

1. Discussion of the practice issue and final problem being reviewed.

2. Discussion of how the literature review has been organised.

3. Critically discuss the evidence from one aspect/theme of the literature review.

4. Discuss the possible impact of the review findings on their own professional practice / area.

CRN NO: Sept 20259
Feb 19283
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