Evidence Based Management Essay

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Evidence Based Management and Strategy Using the strategy of evidence based management to make decisions is a relatively new idea in the field of business management. This method is a great way for leaders and managers to evaluate their external environment. Making decisions based on evidence helps companies succeed and have great advantages over their competitors. Importing new ideas based on evidence of current market factors, instead of keeping to the old philosophies brings about great performance. Managers who want to start the evidence based management movement in their company should implement the following techniques. Every time someone proposes a change, ask for evidence of its efficacy. Clarify the logic behind that evidence – looking for faulty reasoning. Encourage managers to experiment new ideas – rewarding those who learn from these efforts and insist that managers stay current in their field – and provide continuing professional education opportunities to help them. (Pfeffer & Sutton, 2006). When subordinates see the managers spend time in evaluating the evidence, they are more careful with their research. There are many positive aspects regarding this approach. But like with everything there are some disadvantages. This method can change how every manager thinks and acts. The use of logic and evidence keeps manages up to date and helps them do their job more effectively, it brings in new ideas and results in having advantages over your competitors. On the other side, some evidence might be misleading as it’s hard to differentiate between solid and weaker evidence. In conclusion, evidence based management is a very helpful method. However, companies have to be careful with the evidence. Not everything that worked for others will work for all companies. The use of logic is very important in deciding what evidence to use. Works

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