Evidence Base Initiative Essay

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Context: LA International, ( www.LAInternational) is a market leader, recruitment consultancy based in Stokes, with strong representation in the Oil/Gas industry and government recruitment. LA International have represented me, with both Shell UK 2009 -2010 and for two months with UK Debt Management office as a Senior Business Intelligence consultant. Management is concern with the relationship management between their account management department and the highly skilled contract consultants that they represent to major organisation. They will also like to analyse the impact of international outsourcing to the Far East and South Asia in the IT Technology industry. The Evidence Based Initiative: Analysis of relationship between recruitment consultancy and contract IT consultant/ HR Department and analyse impact of operational improvement of recruitment consultancy (LA international). Framework and theory applied: The three area of analysis was the following sections: Exploring Management: 1. Stakeholder analysis and management framework: To identify key stakeholders across IT consultant, recruitment consultant, organization HR department and government HMRC department. 2. Mintzberg’s Management roles: To analyses organization politics and identify power and political roles with a HR departments that can be influential in recruitment decisions. Managing People and Organizations: 1. Schein’s Iceberg model of culture : This is an appropriate model when studying the culture of outsourcing companies, the organisation HR department. 2. Handy’s four types of organization cultures: Will be utilize to define organization roles across the EBI. 3. Maslow’s hierarchy of theory, will be used as a framework to
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