Everything Is Illuminated: a Novel Jonathan Safran Foer

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Everything Is Illuminated: a novel Jonathan Safran Foer Houghton Mifflin Company Early Praise for E ver y t h i ng Is Illuminated “J. S. Foer’s Everything Is Illuminated is a novel intricate in structure, fantastical in its story, and irreverent in 100 different ways. Told with unwavering charm and wit, this is a book about a journey — one I found myself deeply involved in. A journey well worth taking.” — Nathan Englander “Jonathan Safran Foer has written a glittering first novel about the search for family history — that closest and darkest of secrets — and he has managed to do so with great humor, sympathy, charm and daring. Every page is illuminated.” — Jeffrey Eugenides “Everything Is Illuminated is a zestfully imagined novel of wonders both magical and mundane. The young author Jonathan Safran Foer is capable of remarkable storytelling acrobatics, but more importantly he cares deeply about his subject. He will win your admiration, and he will break your heart.” — Joyce Carol Oates “Clearly, the author of this first novel is an extraordinarily gifted young man. Rare enough, surely, but this young man also happens to possess something approaching wisdom. Don’t just check him out. Read him.” — Russell Banks “Everything Is Illuminated is a gift, a wonder, a work of profound technical achievement and near-prescient empathetic connection. It’s also very funny. To call it the best first novel I’ve ever read belittles it: it is one of the best novels I’ve ever been fortunate enough to hold in my hands.” — Dale Peck Everything Is Illuminated books by Jonathan Safran Foer A Convergence of Birds: Original Fiction and Poetry Inspired by the Work of Joseph Cornell (editor) Everything Is Illuminated: A Novel E ver y t h i ng Is Illuminated a novel Jonathan Safran Foer houghton mifflin company boston new york 2002 Copyright © 2002 by

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