Everything Decays over Time

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English We learn a lot of things in life about how things are and how they used to be. Things that used to be are things that have eventually decayed over time. Everything decays in time, some faster than others, and some in different ways. Most people think of decaying as a physical thing, such as a decaying body and other physical objects. People usually don’t realize things can decay emotionally and socially too. Physically things decay every day from bones to the body of all creatures. In a person we decay over time. As we get older our bones, our brains, and our appearance all decay. We also see a physical decay in a person after they have died. After a person has died there body has no more oxygen or blood flow to keep their body the way it was so the body eventually fades away in to nothing over a period of time. Another physical thing that can decay over time is plants. Plants get old and shrivel up then dies and disappear Emotional things can also decay like love and happiness. Love decays between people after a period of time after things change between them. Happiness changes and can lead to depression which strikes an emotion change and decay in emotion. For example when someone gets hurt in an emotional way from their spouse the love for that spouse will change. The love will change in such a way that it will decay into the love not even being there no more. Also things can decay in a social way like when we gradually stop talking to our friends our friendship slowly decays. When people stop socializing with other people it causes a decay in the relationship then the relationship is eventually gone. Everything decays over time these are just few example on some things that can decay with living things over time. Other things can also decay like builds and streets and many other things, we see them every day we just don’t take notice. Now

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