Everyone Needs Some Time

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Everyone has things they enjoy doing during free time. Many people use these things to escape the stress of daily life, or simply as something fun to pass the time. During the course of this paper, I will tell you a few things I enjoy doing, and why I have chosen these activities. First of all, I enjoy going to new movies with my family. I choose to do this activity because it allows me to spend quality time with my husband and children. It is also something we all enjoy doing. In addition to these facts, it gives us all a chance to sit back, relax, and just enjoy being together. Since we have two small children, we usually get stuck watching children’s or animated movies; however, the quiet time is great. Another activity I enjoy is writing poetry. I choose to do this when I am stressed, or when a great and creative idea comes to mind. In addition, writing poetry is a great way to release your inner most feelings and deepest thoughts. Poetry gives me a chance to relax and be free with my ideas. Of course, this is great for relieving stress and just letting yourself and thoughts go free. These are the reasons I love to write. My third favorite past time would have to be exercise. This activity tends to be the most neglected, usually do to time constraints and just everyday life tasks and issues. I really enjoy my exercise time because it gives me time to be alone, and is also a great stress reliever. Exercise makes my body feel so relaxed and in shape. Also, the chances I have to exercise allow me to release tons of tension and built up stress I have in my mind and body. These have been a few of the things I enjoy doing my free time. I am sure there are many things you can think of that help you to relax. What are three things you enjoy

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