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Study Questions over Everyman Everyman was written near the end of what century? * The fifteenth century. Everyman is an example of what type of medieval drama? * It is an example of a morality play. Dramas of this type employ ____________ to dramatize some truth about human nature and salvation? * It employs psychomachia, or the struggle of good vs. evil for the human soul. Mystery plays’ plots or stories, however, are based upon what? * They are based upon several things: social or political satire, philosophy of education, Protestant polemic, prudential morality, and natural science. We see three characters in the play’s opening that do not appear again. Who are they? * The three characters are the Messenger, God, and Death. Which of the characters represent various groups of people in Everyman’s life? * Both Kindred and Cousin represent friends and family in Everyman’s life. Which of the characters represent some aspect of Everyman’s own character? * The first is fellowship, which tries to talk everyman into going drinking or whoring. These may be things that Everyman has done before. The second is Goods, which shows us that Everyman is wealthy and successful. The third is Good Deeds. With them we can see that Everyman has done some good in his life. Knowledge comes along and leads Everyman to confession, proving that he is not above reproach. Beauty, Strength, Discretion, and Five Wits are all attributes of Everyman’s character as well. Which do not seem to fall neatly into the above two categories (i.e., are neither groups of people nor aspects of Everyman’s own character)? Explain. * Confession seems to not fit in, basically because Confession is neither an attribute of Everyman’s character or representative of everyone. Confession is more of an act that Everyman partakes just to save

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