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RESEARCH PAPER EVERYMAN Christol Council Liberty University August 19, 2012 Thesis The play “Everyman” uses characters that are spiritual to tell the story of Everyman. Everyman has to give an account of his life no one can stand with us before God we have to stand alone. Everyman realizes that death is inevitable and man has to an account for his sins. Everyman often does not think of their spiritual life, but in the end finds way to repent of their sins. The summons of Death makes Everyman realize he is not ready to die and does not want to take the journey alone, but ultimately has to stand alone. Outline I. Introduction II. Summary of Spiritual Characters III. Author’s perception of death IV. Conclusion Introduction “Everyman” is an English play about morality the author unknown. This play first appeared in the 16th century of England. The play is known to be connected with church drama. The play is about a man just living a content life when death is summoned to him and gives him a tell about his end. The characters of the play have symbolic names to bring emphasis on the moral of the play. The characters are in allegoric manner have no individual personality, but embody the moral qualities and other abstractions. (Allegory, 2010) Summary of Spiritual Characters In this play the anonymous author characterize Everyman as a symbol to everyday human being. The play character personifies the good and evil that struggles in every man concerning his soul. Death is the messenger sent by God to summon Everyman. God is the holy maker who is just. God comes in speaking about his death at the cross to give man life. God describes to show how man has forgotten the price that was paid and has turn to their own pleasures. God summons Death to come in and go show Everyman that is out of His will what comes to him without escape a day

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