Everyday Use Symbolism

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Symbolism: "Everyday Use" Analysis Symbolism is a part of everyday life. We see it being used in a conventional, universal, or literary sense. A symbol "in its simplest sense, is a comparison between a concrete entity and an abstract idea." ("Symbol - Definition of Literary Term.") According to Webster's Dictionary, symbolism is "the use of symbols to express or represent ideas or qualities in literature..." ("Symbolism") A conventional symbol means it can be seen as something within a group of people. A universal symbol means it can be seen as something all over the world. A literary symbol means it is only a symbol in that story, song, or poem. (Kelly) Some stories may use all three symbols while others may use just one or two. Authors make their stories creative by using many different symbols. The author uses symbolism to interest the reader and to make their story have more meaning than just to be read. The author of a story may use an object be it inanimate or animate, to have a deeper meaning than what it truly is. The quilts in "Everyday Use" are conventional symbols. The quilts are used to symbolize women empowerment. (Martin) According to the author they are also used to symbolize "the unrecorded tragedies and triumphs of black women like her mother." (Walker) Quilts go back to the time of slaves. Black women from the early 1800s were slaves. The women of the time made quilts that were put to "everyday use" that were then passed down from generation to generation. The quilts during this time were used to symbolize the love of the slave’s mothers and the things they had to go through just to make the quilts. A lot of times every square in a quilt symbolizes something of its own. One square may symbolize the love of a person and the other may symbolize the death of another. Each quilt is prepared differently which gives it a since of purpose.
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