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Everyday Use (Summary #3) In “Everyday Use” the author Alice Walker shares the story of a family living in a small town. The main characters are Maggie, Dee, and Mama. She uses this family due to the fact that she feels every reader will be able to put their self in each characters shoe. In my opinion “Everyday Use” gives you a taste of what it takes to be successful or make it, as an African American. Mama takes on the challenge of being both “mom & dad”, struggling to raise two children because she’s single. Mama is detailed as a “big-boned woman with man-working hands”. They say she has the characteristics of a man but she’s in a woman’s body. She can kill and cook cows or pigs and she can turn ice into water so she can wash. Walker brings the struggles Mama take on and the father figure characteristics she continues to display, to your attention throughout the story. Dee and Maggie differences that are only visible when displayed to one another. Being light skinned and dark skinned causes a conflict between the two sisters. While Dee has perfect feet and a beautiful body with curves, Maggie is skinny, with no “swagg”, and covered with brutal burn scars from a house fire. Although Dee looks good on the outside, the inside is the total opposite, ashamed of her history, name, and family. Maggie may be insecure about her looks but her inner beauty is used as shield to others around her, she on the other hand appreciates her history and the tradition it with

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