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Everyday Use Christine M. Eggert ENG-125 September 16, 2011 Instructor Fox Everyday Use In the short story, "Everyday Use", written by Alice Walker takes objects used with everyday life and describes them with detail. The author also takes notice of the reaction between each main character to describe the difference between the practical and simple with the more faddish and more popular. There are three main characters of this story, “Mama” with Maggie to the right and Dee to the left and each with their own take on what the value of different objects are within their own life. The author takes this conflict and uses this to show how the worth of something and of us is significant. When reading this short story, the characters show signs of being complete opposites. The narrator “Mama” illustrates herself to be a “large, big-boned woman with rough, man-working hands” (Walker, 2011, p. 1088). Even though she is a woman of many traits, she does not describe herself in the most flattering of ways. Just like the objects that surround her, she shows more interest in more practical and less interest in the superficial. Dee, unlike Mama, seems to define herself by her sense of accomplishment and style without have done anything. Back when she called herself Dee, she disliked objects simply because they lack of glamour and design. It was after she became a part of the “Nation of Islam” (Walker, 2011, p. 1088) and called herself Wangero, she started to see the heritage in these old pieces of art and items from her past. At no point, did she ever truly understand the true meaning of where they came from or and any actual use for any of them. Some examples of these items that Dee talks about are the dasher and butter churn, which are presented in great detail by Mama. By the way that Mama describes these unique objects; it shows how much they mean to her. “I can

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