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Tameka Henry Instructor Kerryl .Henderson English 2110.S6I. Short Story Analysis 21 June 2012 Plot summary of “Everyday Use” Everyday Use is about a Mother who struggles to give her children the life she never had. She even goes to the extreme of giving all of the money she has along with some of the church money to send one of her daughters to this expensive school. It only made matters worse; the school turned her daughter into this creature who thought so highly of herself. She came home insulting her mother and sister; the mother had a little favoritism for the daughter she paid a lot of money to go to school. After she seen how her daughter she loves so much treated her ,it made her pay her other daughter a little more attention. The Theme of “Rip Van Winkle” It seem like “Rip Van Winkle “may have a sleep walking disorder. He goes to villages and mountains and has different encounters with people and doesn't remember. He appeared to be the Sweetest man alive to the ladies in the streets, but wasn’t helpful to his own wife at all. Henry 2 He was a known legend for the good he have done unto others, even when he was dead and gone people continual to acknowledge him for his good deeds. Setting of “The Cask of Amontillado” The horrible events of the Horror gothic took place in a country town. It was filled with lots of Italian and British men. An Italian name Fortunato gave everyone an impression as if He is a well–manner young man. Centuries ago he would smile in people face as he lured them To death. Symbolism in “The Minister’s Black Veil” The Minister wore the black veil around his face to symbolize his secret sin. In other words he wore the veil to symbolize the dark sorrows .The veil wasn’t worn to frighten people and most people thought of him as being a black sheep .It was worn as a symbolism of his religion

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