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Name: Institution: Tutor: Date: Everyday Use. The work that I am writing on is how symbolism has been illustrated in Alice Walker’s short story, Everyday Use. I chose to write on this work because Symbolism is one of the techniques that Walker has used to add meaning to her story. She uses several objects as the symbol that represents what she is actually describing. The Question I was exploring was “How has the writer used symbolism to represent what she actually describes in her story?” This question was difficult to answer because symbolism is not extensively applied in the story. My understanding of the work that am writing about changed in the context of the true meaning that the author sought to illustrate in her writing. I understood that the author used symbols in the context of culture to make the reader understand the cultural setting of the story. The hardest part in my writing process was to determine the type of symbols used in the story. The essay strength is its ability to review one of the difficult techniques that Alice Walker has used to narrate the story. This is because symbolism is not easily identifiable, but the essay has successfully done so. I do not see any weakness of the essay because the essay has accomplished its objectives. The specific feedback I would like from the instructor is recommendations of how the essay can be improved in the context of activities of symbolism in walker’s story. Brief preview of the story. Everyday use is one of Alice Walker’s short stories. We see Mrs. Johnson the African American woman who is living in the deep Southern part of America with Maggie, one of her two daughters. The story illustrates the differences that exist between Mrs. Johnson and Maggie. Maggie is living in the rural southern region with her successful and educated daughter Dee who prefers to be referred as

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