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Mylisha Robinson November 18, 2011 English 105 Dr. Mitra In the story “Everyday Use,” by Alice Walker, the main characters are Maggie and Dee, the two daughters of the narrator (the mother). Although they are sisters who are raised in the same environment, Maggie and Dee are very different from each other; they think and act in different ways. Everyday Use ' contradicts the idea that if children are brought up in one family and in the same social environment, they are likely to have similar characters and similar family values. Nevertheless, the story shows that our life isn’t as easy as it may seem. I think that the only similar thing between two sisters is the fact that they have the same mother and are brought up at the same home. The similarities stop here Dee and Maggie is absolutely different in appearance and, moreover their ideas about cultural heritage differ dramatically as well. For example, Dee is depicted as more attractive compared with Maggie as awkward and skinny. Maggie’s mother says that good looks passed her by. Moreover, Maggie isn’t confident and her self-esteem is lowered: her chin is on her chest and her eyes are looking always on the ground. Dee is Maggie’s opposite. She is pretty and attractive with nice hair and alluring figure. Dee thinks that she should be very proud of such appearance. Dee’s clothing is modern and fashionable and even her feet are always neat-looking. Dee is used to getting her way. Her mother has never not given her everything she‘s asked for. Maggie on the other hand is still living on the farm. She didn’t receive the same opportunities as her sister. A fire has left her scared, more than just physically. She is more introverted then Dee. She’s not used to getting her way but still plodding through life with the expectations of a future. Life has just passed her by when it comes to the values that her sister Dee

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