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English Homework Everyday Use by Alice Walker 1. Maggie and Dee, the two sisters in this story, are very different. By contrasting characters, or keeping track of the ways they are different, you can understand this story better. Write two things that you learn about Maggie and two about Dee that keeps them at odds with each other. After Maggie’s accident, in which she got burned by a fire that happened in her old house, she laced of confidence because of the way her skin ended looked, this made her not going to school. In the other side Dee took this as a good thing, she went to school learn to read and write. Her mother made huge sacrifices for Dee, that gave her confidence, in the other hand this issue made Maggie’s lack of confidence grow because her mother didn’t made sacrifices for her, this made her less than her sister. 2. How are Dee and her mother different when they talk to white men? Dee is arrogant which makes her think that when she talks to white people she is at the same “level”. On the contrary Dees mom is respectful and doesn’t look at white peoples eyes when she talks to them. 3. In reference to her cultural heritage, Dee states that she has rejected the name her mother gave her because “I couldn’t bear it any longer, being named after the people who oppress me”. Explain how Dee feels she has been kept down by her family. Give examples from the story to support your opinion. Dee rejects her name because it comes from a long generation of slaves, this remain ds her the dark and ugly past. She is the only one in the family who has been educated and doesn’t like to remember old feelings that only bring frustration and sadness. By wanting to change her name Dee shoes us that she is not proud of her culture, descendants and family. 4. Dee objects to Maggie having the quilts because “Maggie can’t appreciate these

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