Everyday Life in Early America

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Question One The English settlements of Jamestown and Massachusetts Bay Colony had many differences. The settlers chose to go these colonies for many different reasons. Some wanted a chance to have their own farm land, others sought religious freedom. Ultimately, it had to do with their pursuit of a better life in the New World. The three most interesting practices that settlers did in these colonies had to do with their health, their pastimes, and their crimes and punishments. One of the first things that were very easy to tell for new visitors of the New World was that the people who settled did not take much care of themselves. Apparently they all had really bad teeth, but the women were mainly the ones who had bad teeth, “whether through the coldness of the climate, or by sweetmeats, of which they have a score, [John Josselyn is] not able to affirm” (page 72). The settlers’ diet was “dull and tasteless” (page 75), mainly for the people who were stuck on their old English ways of cooking. In the North colonies, people did not like or trusted the water so they really only drank it when they had no other choice, they preferred milk from goats or cows. On the other hand, in the South, “milk soured quickly in the hot climate” (page 78), so they did not like to drink milk. Although many people died due to health related problems, the settlers in these colonies were generally better nourished and a lot of the time in better health than most people back home in England. The reason being “the absence of large concentrations of population reduced the severity of epidemics when they came” (page 73). A settler’s everyday life in early America was quite dull, so they started doing different activities to break away from the daily routine. Hunting was one of their favorite sports. Also, “the young men took especial delight in hunting wild horses” (page 97), however they

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