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Everyone has a bit of insecurity hanging over their heads whether its about their hair or their looks, the weight a really huge problem in society today. It could even be a little issue of having like your next door neighbor who happens to be a little richer than you and can afford what you could only dream about having.So why is it that we hide our true identity behind a mask of products..... only to better our natural beauty. We starve ourselves more and more to be able to fit into those painted on jeans....thinking that we will enhance our bodies shape to look even sexier and hoping we will hide all of our defaults that we complain about day in and day out. How many times do teenagers (and now even younger) dye our hair......just simply because we want a new look or to follow what everyone else is doing. Implants..... why?.....why would you want something that is not even yours and that could cause other problems to your body number one proven problem guys breast cancer and this for just making someone happy or just simply to look sexier and to attract all eyes onto just you......ask yourself if it is really worth it. What is the point of calling it your natrual beauty if We wre only going to hide behind a mask of products. Why do we say beauty is within the eye of the beholder if we do not allow ourselves to have those extra few love handles and still be loved for where the beauty lies....deep within each and every one of us. Why do we want to have something we can’t have because it’s alot easier today with what we call “get it now and pay’ but later you will have paid for something that you realized you really did not need to enhance your life or beauty. Do you sometimes have those days and just think to yourself , “is this for me or for them” because I do , yes i am insercure i do care what I look like , not to the point to

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