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Everybody's Fine with Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore, Sam Rockwell and Kate Beckinsale is another one of those Hollywood-hyped movies where the previews look cute, touching and definitely funny. When I was sent the promo asking me if I wanted to review the "heartfelt dramatic comedy," I jumped at the chance. Had I known what the movie was really about, I might have watched it in a different frame of mind, expecting something darker and sadder, but no, I believed I was popping a touching and funny DVD in, and I was disappointed in the results. Everybody's Fine is not a cute film about a dad going on a cross-country lark to see his kids. It's a movie about a widower whose grown children are hiding several things from him, including one very dark secret about his oldest son, David. When the kids won't come to visit him, Frank Goode (Robert De Niro) sets out across the country to visit them, but since he is ill, this is no happy-go-lucky lark. He first goes to visit David, but after camping out all night on David's steps, Frank journey's to the next house unaware that David is in a Mexican jail on drug charges. As Frank travels from one child's home to the next, he realizes each of his children is lying to him, not just about David, but about their own lives. The movie is not without its merits. For one thing, it stars Robert De Niro, who is eloquent as Frank Goode. Everybody's Fine also has a poignant story line - early on the viewer learns Frank is suffering from thrombosis of the lungs due to a lifetime of coating telephone wires with PVC. The telephone lines paid for his children to become the "successes" he believes them to be, and the years exposed to the PVC is now killing him. As Frank travels from home to home, following the ever-present phone lines, he discovers none of his offspring has lived up to what he believed they were doing. Not only does he

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