Examples Of Everything Is Fair In Love And War Essay

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“Everything is fair in Love and War” This took place few years ago when I was doing my A’ levels. We were playing a football match and only a few minutes were remaining. I had just passed the ball to our team striker who was playing brilliantly. He was on the run and as soon as he reached a shooting distance, an opponent player tackled him brutally from behind. Our striker fell down. The referee did not see what happened and the ball was cleared. That cost us the match as it was the last chance that we got. We came back to the dressing room and while returning I complained to the match referee about that unfair challenge. The opposite team coach came and whispered in my ears “Everything is fair in love and war”. That time I realized that we were actually in a war field, not in a football…show more content…
Now a combination of love and war would help to state that truly everything can be done for love and war. Let us now consider the fact of loving once country, once mother land. And people are willing to give away everything happily for saving their mother land. People are ready to shade their blood and give away their lives happily for their love for their nation state. Take the example of our motherland, Bangladesh. Lot of blood was shaded in order to get freedom. Why was this huge amount of blood being flowed? This was just because of the love for their country. They loved their mother land and could do anything for it. It is not only our country men who gave away their lives. There are many in the world that has done the same thing. Also there are many countries that are still fighting for their land. This can be showed as the war between India and Pakistan regarding Kashmir. Both the country men feel that it is their land and they are ready to do anything and everything for getting that. Therefore love and war can be linked together and they both show no matter what it is people are ready to do everything to get desired out

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