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‘Everyday Use” character analysis Your name Title of Course Date Character analysis In “Everyday Use”, Alice Walker uses the character of Dee to show factors that influence the effects of Dee on other characters, how she changes and what motivates her to act like she did. Dee who in this case the writer uses her as the other daughter of Mama (who is the narrator) besides Maggie in the story is made angry by what to her she regards as oppression towards her which has been going on for a long period in her family. She goes ahead to shun the heritage that she was brought up under by her mother and lives by her own created heritage. It’s evident that she is in her own world now. She does not see the reason as to why she has to maintain her family name which had been passed down through various generations and now she informs Mama that she is no longer called Dee but Wangero Leewanika Kemanjo a name which even her mother cannot pronounce well even after trying several times to. Walker doesn’t talk about the origins of Maggie’s name, and Mama’s name is not given anywhere, but it is very obvious to us that these two characters are do not and possess strong roots and respect their heritage. It hence makes sense as to why the two names remain intact and they don’t struggle to change compared to Dee. Her mode dressing consisting of bracelets and the colorful dress she wore to march trying to prove a point was all meaningless in the heritage of Mama and the African family in general. She barely understands her heritage yet she goes ahead to tell Mama that she doesn’t understand her heritage only because she is not allowed having the quilts. Dee here views her home heritage as something that has been passed by time and that it doesn’t belong to her current age and that she will not live in that age. “Everyday Use’ clearly discusses connection between women of different

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