Every Day Their Shuffling Essay

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Music has always been a force that moves me. Music has always, moved people. I did not know that one day music would be a force that would move the world so much. As you may well know at this time, the world has succumbed to the great shuffle. I am writing these memoirs to hopefully help generations to come, as a way of remembering the time everyone shuffled. Before the great shuffle people would listen and dance to music to enjoy themselves. I myself used to listen to the melodic beats of LMAFO while working out. Little did I know that all the cardio I was doing before “Party Rock Anthem” (1) came out would be preparing me for all the shuffling that was to come. LMFAO's success in the music industries soared them to international fame though under their music they had a more nefarious deed at hand. I remember the day when LMFAO turned everyone into shuffle zombies. “March 2 Party Rock Anthem was introduced to the world"(2) by March 30th the entire world was shuffle zombies. Little did people know would "get into your bones"(2) when the song came out. Now, for the few survivors, the only way to get through the mob of shuffle zombies is the shuffle through them. My first rule to staying safe from shuffling keep my noise canceling head phones on. Second rule cardio, lots of cardio. I guess I should explain a bit about shuffling. Shuffling is a form of dance based of the Melbourne shuffle. As long as you can shuffle you can add other dance moves into your choreography, such as the running man or Charleston, to get through the shuffle zombies. Be careful thought once you start dancing LMFAO’s anthem you don’t stop, you just keep dancing. That’s why the noise canceling head phones are important. Keep your head phones on and your body moving in zombie crowds. Before the shuffle I remember working out to “Sexy and I Know It” (3) and thinking what a funny band. I heard

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