Everlost Character Analysis

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Taylor Davis Mr. Brumback Language Arts April 20, 2009 The McGill The villain is the most hated character in every novel. Sometimes the villain can be anyone from a criminal to a monster. In the captivating novel Everlost by Neal Shusterman there is a monster named the McGill. The McGill roams Everlost in search of souls to work for him on his ship. To get to Everlost you have to be off track going to the place that you were supposed to go after your life had ended. The McGill had been in Everlost for quite some time. Everyone in Everlost feared the great McGill because he was the meanest person in Everlost. Newcomers to Everlost never listened to the other inhabitants about the McGill and his wickedness. Nick and…show more content…
When the McGill found something interesting he kept it in a room on his ship. Everything that the McGill had collected over the years had his name written across it so people would know that it belonged to him. He collected anything you could think of even afterlights. The McGill had hundreds of afterlights in had chambers. He hung the afterlights upside down by their ankles which is called chiming. “The act of chiming was invented by the McGill and he was proud to claim responsibility for the idea. Since it was impossible to hurt someone in Everlost, and since the McGill wanted to inflict distress, he came up with a whole new form of torture.” (Shusterman, 194). Allie had a plan to use the McGill and to rescue her friends from his chiming chambers. The McGill’s goal for doing this was to collect one thousand souls. The reasons for the one thousand souls were so that he could win his life back like the fortune cookie said. The McGill is an evil villain but like any other villain there is a reason for all of there anger. In the McGill’s case he is a monster and he is a jerk to everyone so he is very angry person. He takes his anger out on other people but by the end of this book he will learn to be good. While the McGill leaves is life full of villainy behind a new villain
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