Everglades Invaders Essay

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Maria Casco Professor Blanco ENC1101 Research Paper Tuesday, April 17, 2012 Everglades, War Against Invasion Florida’s Everglades is a unique and world famous wildlife resource. It is the home of iconic creatures such as American Alligators and crocodile, brown pelicans, egrets, spoonbills, herons and ibis. It also shelters one of our nation’s rarest animals, the endangered Florida panther, as well as the more common American black bear. Among the imperiled bird species found in this landscape are the Everglades snail-kite, the Florida scrub jay, and the crested caracara. Everglades also shelters some unique reptiles such as the gopher tortoise, indigo snake and the sand skink, and a rare legless lizard that travels underneath the sand. Recent studies have showed that although Everglades have a numerous amount of habitants, the population has overflowed by exotic species that have aggressively adapted to the wilderness of southern Florida. Given that invasive species have invaded Everglades, the efforts to manage and/or eliminate the animals and plants will have a major effect upon ridding the Florida ecosystems of invasive species. Invasive exotic species have become one of the most serious global environmental problems today (IUCN, 1999). A recent Cornell University study found that invasive plants, mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish, arthropods, and mollusks cost the united states alone over $100 billion annually (Pimentel, 2000). Such losses and costs will inevitable continue to increase, especially if efforts to control these invasions are scattered. Planning, resources, and actions must be integrated effectively in order to turn back the overwhelming spread of numerous invasive species. Control of exotic invasive species is a far reaching issue. The importance of this issue in the everglades protection area is

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