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FLORDIA EVERGLADES Appropriately referred to as the "River of Grass", the Florida Everglades is flat, swampy grassland containing saw grass, which grows up to 12 feet tall. The Florida Everglades covers a large portion of South Florida, over 4,000 square miles (larger than the state of Delaware) The Everglades is the only place in the world where you can find both alligators and crocodiles living together. The Florida Bay: an inlet of the sea or other body of water usually smaller than a gulf; a smaller body of water set off from the main body. The Everglades and the Ten Thousand Islands is a rare and beautiful place. It is one of North America's unsung wild places - a beautiful, rugged, subtropical landscape experienced by a relatively few adventurous souls each year. Many who appreciate the unique qualities of this wilderness will argue that it is a place better kept secret. Perhaps, in my quest for solitude and a deeply personal communion with nature, I might ordinarily agree. But I also feel that it is a resource important not only for its natural heritage and spiritually enriching powers, but for its commercial and recreational values as well. Everglades Area Accommodations Directory EVERGLADES HOTELS/MOTELS/RESORTS Everglades City Motel - Everglades City Motel is located in Everglades City, Florida, in the world famous Everglades. Our motel is clean and spacious. Our staff is friendly and helpful and we are sure you will enjoy your stay at the Everglades City Motel. - Motel and Efficiencies EVERGLADES CAMPGROUNDS & RV PARKS Chokoloskee Island Park is just what the name implies . . . a beautiful tree-filled park, specifically designed to accommodate travel trailers and campers. Chokoloskee Island Park offers important conveniences and services. RATES December 26th - April 30th • Standard Room • Efficiency • Apartment

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