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There were three types of characters in this story; Dee was the static character who remained unchanged throughout the story, Mama was the dynamic character who caused a change in others, while Maggie was the dynamic character who changed during the story. The fact that Mama knows the inner thoughts of her daughters makes her a limited omniscient narrator. She begins telling the readers that she and Maggie will wait in their comfortable clean yard for “Her” to come. By using the word her to describe the character before stating her name, Mama makes her larger than life; someone other worldly of a higher status. Mama then goes on to describe how nervous Maggie will be until her sister leaves, “standing hopelessly in corners”, “eyeing her sister with a mixture of envy and awe.” She then goes onto reminisce about a dream she had in which she and her daughter Dee, were reunited on a talk show. During this Mama, reveals how she knows her physical appearance is less than desirable but she makes no apologies for being a, “big-boned woman with rough, man working hands.” The two daughters are like night and day when compared to one another. When the reader first meets Maggie, she is portrayed as shy, awkward and self-conscious do to the scars she received when their house “burned to the ground.” It is also here that the beginnings of Dee’s selfishness become evidenced. When their old house burnt to the ground, Dee stood by watching “with a look of concentration” on her face as the last boards collapsed, without a care for the fact that her sister was almost burned alive inside. Mama herself says she used to think Dee hated Maggie. Unlike her mother and sister who were content with having enough to survive, “Dee wanted nice things.” Her want of better things in life shows not only a side of her vainness but also her independent streak. She doesn’t wait around for nice

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